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Critics of VR Porn: Opinions of Experts and Fans
Critics of VR Porn: Opinions of Experts and Fans

If a person has got a VR headset for the purpose of gaming and entertainment, earlier or later the algorithm of the search engine will suggest him or her to watch a video showing the attitude of regular people to VR porn. Would such a user try to watch adult content in virtual reality mode? In most cases, yes. Will this person become fascinated? Will he or she subscribe? Yes!

What is All the Fuss about VR Porn?

One may recall in the memory his or her erotic dream. For instance, after a good party, two hot girls stay at home of the host. However, they are not going to do the washing up. They will start tempting a man who is sitting on a sofa, for example. The girls start to undress and allure him. If it is a man’s dream, what is the male character doing here? This is what makes the genre of VR porn so peculiar. There will be no man in the scene, just his lap, abs, and hands. read more